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Roofing Livermore A new roof and solar panel installation is a great way to start fresh. Not only will you be able to enjoy your home for years without worrying about repairs, but with the same-sized lifespan from both the roofing material as well as panels installed...

The Future of Roofing Technology is Finally Here!

The Deck is the structural base of your roof consisting of wood.

The best way to protect your home from the outside elements is by implementing an underlayment. The material acts as a protective layer, preventing water and ice accumulation on its surface which can lead to settling.

The eave is the lower border of your roof that overhangs close to the wall.

The rake is an important tool for maintaining your roof. If it isn’t working properly, you may notice water coming in or shingles missing from the top of this area on a regular basis- which can lead to even more serious problems later down the road!

Flashing is a unique architectural element that can be found in some buildings. It’s not just for decoration, but it also serves an important function: to strengthen the structure and protect against water damage from above due to heavy rain or melting snowfall

The roofs of two buildings forming a peak, with the horizontal line that splits them as well.

The exposure of your roof to the elements is an important factor in its longevity. It’s imperative that you maintain it, so ask us about our maintenance plans!

A waterproof roof is essential for any home that will be subject to freezing temperatures and heavy rains. This thin layer of plastic or rubber, called an ice and water barrier (IWB), prevents moisture from getting through by trapping air inside its molecules as they expand on contact with liquid below it; also known as oleophobic coatings- these materials make sure you never need deicing chemicals again!

A strip of metal that reduces roof water runoff, the drip edge can help prevent corrosion and algae growth in standing water.

The valley is an intersection between two sloping roofs, which allows water to run off more easily.

The off-ridge exhaust vent is a simple but effective way to release the warm air that builds up in your attic. You can find them on most homes with roofs, usually located at or near an upper roof edge where it meets with another surface like chimney eaves for easy access

Ridge vents are an important part of your home’s heating and cooling system. They allow warm air to escape from the attic, which keeps things like heat or humidity at bay in summertime!

Cool Roof Vs. Warm Roof

Cool roofs are a great way to keep your home cool and protect it from the sun’s harmful radiation. They typically have higher thermal emittances, which means they’re able to radiate their absorbed energy back out into space instead of transferring that heat inside as other roofing products would do!


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